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Nowhere Land: When short films tell big stories


March 4, Iqaluit. The doors have just opened at the Astro movie theatre, where Bonnie Ammaaq is about to attend the local premiere of her new short documentary Nowhere Land. Joining her for the occasion are Alicia Smith, the film’s producer, and Michelle van Beusekom, the director of the NFB’s English Program. Competition for audience

Land of the Long Day

Under the Midnight Sun: Watch 3 Films About Inuit Summer Life


The Canadian Arctic is not a place most of us know too well. What’s up there, really? We imagine vast white expanses, ice floes bobbing around, the odd snowmobile or polar bear. What rarely occurs to us, however, is that once a year, in the summer months, the Arctic gets summer. The ice melts, the


How to Build an ᐃᒡᓗ


This is a guest post written by Laurence Desrosiers-Guité, NFB Education Specialist, and Dan Thornhill, Coordinator of Technical Support, NFB Education. The word “igloo” originates from iglu, meaning “house” in Inuktitut, the language of the Canadian Inuit. Written references to igloos date back to the 16th century. Inuit hunters used them as temporary houses during the cold


Unikkasivut: Artisans from the shadows… and the cold


This post was translated from French. Most of you have seen our legendary short film How to Build an Igloo, but not many of you are aware of the scope of the NFB’s collection of films on the Inuit. The NFB currently houses 110 unique films that depict this northern people and document life in


One-woman film crew Dianne Whelan talks about shooting on Everest and in the Canadian Arctic


I told you earlier this week I’d try to get Dianne Whelan on the phone to pick her brains about making This Land, her great Arctic documentary, and talk about what she’s been up to since. Well, a promise is a promise, guys. I spoke to Dianne yesterday, from her home in Garden Bay near


This Land: a film and an interactive project to explore


This Land by ONFB , National Film Board of Canada Today’s featured film on is This Land. Because I happen to like the Arctic a lot (both in image and in person), I thought I’d encourage you to check it out. It’s stunning. The 35-minute documentary, directed by Dianne Whelan, retraces an Arctic expedition