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Teaching Canadian identity, nationhood, and media literacy with Shameless Propaganda


Discover the NFB’s WWII-era propaganda effort, and get ideas for teaching about Canadian identity and nationhood to secondary students.


Astra Taylor Pops Question: What Is Democracy?


Nobody can accuse filmmaker and author Astra Taylor of shying away from an intellectual and creative challenge. Her latest documentary project takes on the set of ideas and practices that we’ve come to know as democracy – aiming to reframe the concept within the economic and political realities of the 21st century. What is Democracy?


Election o’clock in Toronto: get out there and vote!


Want to get a cinematic perspective on Toronto ahead of the election? Check out these NFB films—old and new—about the city, its people, and its politicians.


Megaphone: Light Up the City with Your Idea


For the past few years, Montreal has been humming with demonstrations, elections, resignations and commissions. Since the first stirrings of the so-called “Maple Spring,” (Printemps érable) and now that the race for mayor is heating up, people throughout the city are feeling a collective need not only to express their ideas and their indignation, but