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Take a Whale-Watching Adventure with Bill Mason

In Search of the Bowhead Whale (directed by Bill Mason) documents a World Wildlife Fund expedition in Icy Cape Alaska looking for the elusive Bowhead whale.


Man the Polluter: Man’s Ridiculous Solutions to the Problem of Pollution


Just in time for Earth Day, I want to let you know about an offbeat animated feature film about pollution that the NFB made some 43 years ago and recently digitized. Not surprisingly, we are still dealing with some of the issues raised in this film. As Man the Polluter points out, sometimes our solutions


NFB’s PixStop app for the iPad 2 – Your classroom’s “mobile studio”


The following is a guest post by Kathy Sperberg. If you had told me when I was growing up that learning could happen with the touch of a finger instead of pencil to paper with a fat eraser at the ready, I would have laughed it off as fantasy. But then again, I’m an analog


The NFB celebrates Earth Day


oe April 22 is Earth Day. One billion people around the world celebrate by engaging in projects or events designed to address environmental issues. It’s a day for us to step back and appreciate this great planet of ours and to at least be aware of the potential damage we cause every day and think