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Teaching about ecotourism with Green Paradise


Use the Green Paradise series to focus on environmental and ecological concerns with your students and teach about ecotourism.


Debris: Disaster Movie as Art


Beachcombing is both a job and a passion for Pete Clarkson. As a park worker on the wild and beautiful outer coast of Vancouver Island, he’s been picking up marine debris for decades – and as an intertidal artist, he transforms it into joyous and light-hearted artwork. But since 2011 he’s been confronted with a more


Fort McMoney | New Interactive Game to Launch Nov. 25th


Starting November 25, people everywhere can take control of Fort McMurray, Alberta, and decide the fate of the world’s largest energy project when they play Fort McMoney. With over 2 years of research, 60 days of filming and 55 interviews, Fort McMoney is an innovative new documentary game from TOXA and the NFB, in association


When Cousteau Came to Canada


World famous oceanographer Jacques Cousteau produced two films with the National Film Board on the St. Lawrence River and the Great Lakes.