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How to sell your content on the Web


The following is a guest post by Marie-France Côté. While at IDFA, I attended a WDE (world doc exchange) seminar with Wendy Bernfeld of Rights Stuff. Raised in Montreal but based in Amsterdam, Bernfeld is a digital consultant and distributor. She covered a variety of highly interesting aspects of an as yet underexplored topic: the more »

Q&A with Michael Fukushima, Animation Producer (Part 1)

Part 1 of a 3 part interview with animation producer Michael Fukushima.

Inside the Vault: How the NFB preserves its collection


Blogger Julie Matlin goes on a tour of the NFB vaults to answer questions about how the NFB film collection is preserved.

How to break into the film business

“How can I break into the film business?” There’s no one answer to this question, but I’ve learned that there are two things you can count on: 1) It helps to know someone, and 2) Once you’re in, you’re golden. I’ve seen completely incompetent people get hired over and over again – simply because they’re more »

An Insider’s Guide to the Canadian Film Industry


Before joining the NFB Web team, I worked in the feature film industry for close to 15 years. I started at the very bottom, doing free production assistant (PA) work for music videos until I landed my first paying gig – filling in for a receptionist on maternity leave for a guy who produced television more »

7 Blogging Tips for Filmmakers

Keep it Short 250 words is enough. It’s enough for you to write and it’s enough for us to read. Post Frequently Make up for your short posts by writing more often. Blog about everything related to production. Interesting connections, things you’ve learned, production tips, successes, failures. Stay focused One post for each idea. If more »