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The Animation Studio Production Blog!


Check out the sparklingly new NFB Animation Studio production blog!


20 Must-Read Blogs for Film Buffs


Films, like food, are one of those things that are almost as nice to take in as they are to read about (as opposed to say, falling in love or winning the lotto.)

12-year-old reviews NFB iPhone app on YouTube


This morning, we’re loving this very thorough review of our iPhone app by Max, the enterprising young host of App Store Reviewers. Jump to about 1:50 to see his review, where he calls the app “amazing” and “wicked”. Thanks, Max!

How To: Making a Great Animation Channel


NFB animation producer Michael Fukushima reviews Clare Kitson’s book, British Animation: The Channel 4 Factor.

The Word on the Street – Six NFB Films Featured in the Press and Online


The new year is off to a great start, with several NFB productions being talked about in the press and online. Guy Dixon of The Globe and Mail wrote a full-length article on Paul Cowan’s Paris 1919. The film, based on Margaret MacMillan’s book, covers the Paris Peace Conference, which took place at the end more »