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Hispaniola Mon Amour


With Hispaniola, a feature doc currently in production, filmmaker Michèle Stephenson returns to the land of her birth to document the fallout of a 2013 ruling by the Dominican courts that retroactively strips citizenship rights from any Haitian-Dominican born after 1929.


Michaëlle Jean: A Woman of Purpose | Interview with Jean-Daniel Lafond

We all know the Governor General of Canada’s role is to represent the Queen, but how well do we know the position really? What are the constitutional and ceremonial duties involved? Can the appointment have real impact for Canadians? The NFB has just launched an intimate and sensitive doc that answers these questions and many more. Titled


Black Sugar | Modern-Day Slavery in the Dominican Republic


Some came voluntarily, chasing the dream of a salary; others were kidnapped near the Dominican border and brought by force. Regardless of trajectory, once Haitians lands in a batey, as camps for Haitian workers are called in the Dominican Republic, all are cursed to the same dolorous grind: cutting sugar cane from morning till night


Pre-Christmas Madness, Montreal, 1958

Christmas came exceptionally early for me this year. I was in Haiti at the end of November, and Christmas was in full sway there, already. (Haiti is, amongst other things, fervently Christian.) Businesses, from gas stations to restaurants, were decorated with every manner of artificial fir branches laden with fake snow and shiny ornaments. On