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Limited Time Only! Rent Unbranded on

Until October 6th, rent Unbranded, a doc about 4 men who rode 16 wild horses from Mexico to Canada in a 3,000 miles epic journey.


Pony Up: Watch 3 Incredible Horse Films on

Get your gallop on and enjoy these these 3 top-notch documentaries on man’s “other” best friend, the horse.

Horse Drawn Magic

Horse Drawn Magic: Open-Air Theatre in Western Canada


Imagine travelling through the countryside on wagons pulled by a team of Clydesdale horses and stopping in small towns to perform a play. This is the premise of Horse Drawn Magic, a 1979 jewel of a documentary that follows the Caravan Stage Company throughout the interior of British Columbia and Alberta. The troupe travels an

Stampede Fever

Stampede Fever Forever: Watch 3 Films About Cowboys and Rodeos


Despite the fact its grounds and racetrack were recently under water, the 101st edition of the Calgary Stampede opened today as planned. Even as floodwaters from the nearby Elbow River submerged large swaths of Southern Alberta, Stampede chairman Bob Thompson said last week the Stampede would proceed no matter what. “Throughout our entire history, we


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