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Elizabeth Simmonds

Olympic Swimmer Elizabeth Simmonds Comes Out: She Is an Insomniac


In April 2013, hundreds of confessions collected over several months via the webcam, keyboard and mouse from insomniacs all over the world were assembled into the interactive documentary A Journal of Insomnia. This summer, discover the stories of celebrities who agreed to come out and provide you with their nocturnal confessions. Just like the insomniacs more »


Insomnia: What keeps you up at night?


When I mentioned A Journal of Insomnia in a hat-tip to sleep-deprived moms in my Mother’s Day post, I knew I had to return for a more in-depth exploration. Are you one of the many people who’ve experienced the the irritable moods, stinging eyes, sore body, the exhausted and even surreal state where dreams and more »


NFB Interactive: A Journal of Insomnia launches April 18


Ever wonder what it’s like to have insomnia? Sure, we’ve all suffered our share of sleepless nights. After the birth of my first born, I had a staggering 9 month stint that I thought would kill me. But true insomnia is a whole different beast. A Journal of Insomnia Since the fall of 2012, we’ve more »


Insomniacs Wanted


I’ve never suffered from insomnia (I’m touching wood as I write this), but I did work with a colleague who struggled with it for years. Every night she would go to bed, close her eyes… and fail to fall asleep. She came in to work every day and did her job without ever complaining about more »