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Jovana Jankovic and her favourite movies

Gotta go! Say goodbye to NFB blogger Jovana with a few of her favourite flicks


Want to know what your friendly neighbourhood NFB blogger Jovana recommends? Explore the best of the best in the NFB’s online collection of films.

Madame Tutli-Putli

Watch 6 stellar Oscar® nominees that missed out on the top prize


It’s Oscar® season and the buzz is in the air. Want to know what else has been up for the top prize over the years? Watch 6 of our 73 (!) nominated films!

staff picks - portraits - header

It’s That Time Again: 2013 Staff Picks


Don’t know what to watch? We’ve got some recommendations, and trust us: we have great taste.

NFB blogger Jovana Jankovic

Hello, my name is Jovana


Here I am! Allow me to take a minute to introduce myself to you, dear readers. My name is Jovana and I’ll be taking over the NFB’s blog for the next year while my colleague Carolyne is on leave (fear not: she will return). I’ll also be writing the weekly NFB film newsletter (subscribe here,