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Run for Your Life | Gun Runners Now Available for Online Rental and Download


Rent or download Gun Runners, our new feature doc about two North Kenyan warriors who transform their lives by trading in their AK-47s for sneakers to become professional marathon runners. (All countries except USA.)


Girl Power Goes Global


It’s October 11, 2012, and 160 Kenyan girls are taking concrete action to mark the first UN-designated International Day of the Girl Child. Having assembled in the town of Meru, they begin to march towards the courthouse. The local cops, taken aback by the sight, scramble to close the gates, but the girls stand their


English Program: Five to Watch in ’15


Get an overview of 5 projects in production at the National Film Board of Canada – including new docs, interactives, and the NFB’s very first featured animated documentary.


A Time There Was: Using documentary film to come to terms with your past


This guest post was written by filmmaker Donald McWilliams. oe On June 1st, Kenyans throughout the world celebrate Madaraka Day, a commemoration of that day in 1963 when Kenya won internal self-rule from Great Britain. 6 months later, Kenya achieved full independence. In recognition of Madaraka Day, the NFB is posting my recently completed A


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