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Introducing the NFB’s CAMPUS – an innovative place to learn


The New Year is here and we are so excited to share some new resources with educators across Canada! To start the year off right, we’re launching CAMPUS—our latest online content offer for educators. CAMPUS provides innovative ways to incorporate NFB films in the classroom. It features new titles (more than 500 films added, in more »

Black History Month


The following is a guest post by Aisling Chin-Yee. In celebration of Black History Month, take a look at Sobaz Benjamin‘s short film, Making It.  The film looks at the career paths of a few Black youths. The subjects – who were first interviewed in 1984 – are now in their 40s, and they look more »

Women are Warriors

Quick start guide to film playlists and chapters on


* This post is intended for the members of NFB/Education. To become a member, click here. When you are a member of NFB/education you can easily prepare your class in advance by assembling a selection of films and chapters. In front of the class, all you have to do is click “Watch the playlist” – and you can focus more »

How to make money (and other fun stuff)


How Do They Make Money? by Tina Keeper, National Film Board of Canada Everybody loves a good “how to” film. We’re a culture obsessed with how things are done. And when you combine our inquisitive nature with a generally short attention span, nothing fits the bill better than a 5 minute film that explains the more »

Strong NFB presence at the 2009 Hot Docs Festival


This year, the NFB has an impressive eight films being presented at Hot Docs, along with the Spotlight on the NFB at 70 program and the Outstanding Achievement Award Retrospective for Canada’s leading Aboriginal filmmaker, Alanis Obomsawin.

Dr. James Orbinksi’s Call to Action


April 6, 1994 was the beginning of the 100 days of genocide in Rwanda. Dr. James Orbinski was a field doctor with Médecins Sans Frontières and was stationed there during this time. His challenge in such horrible circumstances was to decide who gets treatment, who gets food, who lives and who dies. It’s an impossible more »

The NFB Celebrates Black History Month


February is Black History Month – the perfect time for us to share films from our collection that celebrate and explore this rich culture and history. Hungu,  by Nicolas Brault, is a beautifully crafted short that uses sand animation to tell the story of a mother whose soul is resurrected by music to return strength more »