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Birth of a Family Confronts Legacy of the Sixties Scoop


It’s September 16, 2015, a busy Wednesday afternoon at the Calgary International Airport. A small NFB crew is about to document an extraordinary encounter — a crucial early scene in Birth of a Family, a doc currently in production at the North West Studio. As incoming passengers stream into the arrival hall, director Tasha Hubbard


The agony and the ecstasy: 5 films about running


Discover the physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions of running in 5 cinematic gems about athletes who run for their lives.


Repurposing the Archive: 4 NFB Films by contemporary artists at the 2015 Aboriginal Pavilion


This summer, 4 globally-acclaimed contemporary artists use the NFB archives to create new short films that will be exhibited at the Aboriginal Pavilion in Toronto from July 10th to 26th, 2015. If you’re a lover of all things experimental, a contemporary art enthusiast, or a fan of remix culture, you’ll definitely want to catch these.


Niigaanibatowaad: FrontRunners, carrying the torch


The coming Pan Am Games provide an excellent opportunity to examine with your students the injustice experienced by 10 Indigenous frontrunners in 1967.


We Were Children: Reactions from Residential School Survivors and Other Viewers


Discover powerful comments left by Residential School survivors and other viewers after watching our 2012 film, We Were Children.


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