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Cordell Barker in the studio

Cordell Barker on working with others

Join acclaimed animator Cordell Barker as he tinkers in the studio with his new stop-motion animation project.


Some Thoughts on Frog Electrocution, Plagiarism and the Pain of Being Judged

First off, I want to apologize to the last person left standing who might visit this blog to see if I’ve finally posted anything new. Well, you may or may not be in luck. Read on! I have to get something off my skinny chest. I remember back early in production on my previous film


Behind the scenes: Hothouse 6


oe A while back I published a series of interviews with this year’s 6 Hothouse participants. As much as I believe in the power of words to evoke, I was a little dismayed we couldn’t show you the films they made during the program. (They are so good.) Well the bad news is I still


Sneak Peek: The creation of a 3D animated short film


The following is a guest post by Megan Turnbull, as part of the Hothouse 6 program. *** Here we are, already two-thirds done the Hothouse 6 animation apprenticeship. I wish I had had more time to tell you all about it, but the process is quite intensive. One month left and still a million ends