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Cold War Intrigue: Producer Gerry Flahive Discusses The Man Who Might Have Been


* This post was written by NFB producer Gerry Flahive It’s not every day you make Emperor Hirohito’s brother laugh. In the summer of 1997 I found myself, with director John Kramer, in Karuizawa, an upscale tourist town not far from Tokyo, on the grounds of the summer home of Prince Mikasa, a member of


3 New NFB Webdocs to Discover


NFB/interactive – the National Film Board of Canada’s interactive productions arm – is not the type to rest on its laurels. Mere moments after winning 2 (two!) 2012 Webby Awards (for BLA BLA and God’s Lake Narrows), it launched 3 new projects for you to discover. Read more about these hot new projects on the


Drawing From Life: A portrait of suicide survivors that screens in Victoria, BC on Sept. 9


Drawing From Life follows a group therapy workshop for people who have attempted suicide at least twice. An intimate, visceral and surprisingly uplifting film. It screens on Sept. 9 in Victoria, BC.