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Birth of a Family Confronts Legacy of the Sixties Scoop


It’s September 16, 2015, a busy Wednesday afternoon at the Calgary International Airport. A small NFB crew is about to document an extraordinary encounter — a crucial early scene in Birth of a Family, a doc currently in production at the North West Studio. As incoming passengers stream into the arrival hall, director Tasha Hubbard


Indigenous Youth – Changing the Way We Think!


Alanis Obomsawin’s documentaries Trick or Treaty? and Hi-Ho Mistahey! explore the effects of the James Bay Treaty, the validity of oral versus written history, and the availability of quality education for First Nations people. The films look at how the Treaty was negotiated and how Indigenous youth are challenging the government to fulfill its obligations. Here’s an overview of these documentaries with reference to four key concepts.


We Were Children: Reactions from Residential School Survivors and Other Viewers


Discover powerful comments left by Residential School survivors and other viewers after watching our 2012 film, We Were Children.