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Download films about food for $0.99!


Celebrate Thanksgiving by popping on your stretchiest pair of pants and downloading 5 films about food for just $0.99 each!


Creative Doc Lab: Non-fiction Spreads its Wings


It was the NFB’s founding film commissioner, that great Scottish visionary John Grierson, who actually coined the term “documentary” — and from its inception Canada’s public producer has played a leading role in developing the genre. With the feature-length doc currently enjoying an international renaissance, the NFB has partnered with the Canadian Film Centre to


Introducing the NFB’s Atlantic-Quebec Studio…


Find out how the NFB’s Atlantic-Quebec Studio is exactly like chocolate bark.


4 New Study Guides for Spring


Explore a variety of new study guides for classroom use, accompanying such recent NFB films as My Prairie Home, Last Chance, and Poppety in the Fall.


Up the Yangtze director Yung Chang on local agriculture and film


The following is a guest post by Tanya Koivusalo. oe On Wednesday July 7th, the NFB Mediatheque will be hosting Homegrown Films, an exciting FREE event as part of its regular Green Screens series, co-presented with the Canadian Institute for Environmental Law and Policy. Join us for a series of short films about local agriculture


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