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Canada Abroad: 4 films About Canada’s Role in the World


It is a well-known fact that our very own Lester B. Pearson came up with the concept of the international peacekeeping force during the Suez Crisis, while he was Secretary of State for External Affairs. As Sunday, May 29, is the International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers, I thought I would take the opportunity to

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Mark Remembrance Day with 5 War Films for $0.99 Each!


Commemorate Remembrance Day with a selection of 5 films that cover the unknown stories from the First and Second World Wars and Afghanistan.


Digital Studio Reframes the Art of Portraiture


The notion of portrait gallery is cast in a new light in Bread and Kabul Portraits — a pair of interactive projects nearing completion at the NFB’s Vancouver-based Digital Studio. “No two interactives are alike,” says Loc Dao, executive producer of both projects. “The challenge is to see how technology can best serve any given

Boxing Girls of Kabul

3 Ways to Watch The Boxing Girls of Kabul Today

* The Boxing Girls of Kabul is now available in DVD and DTO (download to own) format. You may also rent it for 48 hours. Of Afghanistan, we are much more used to seeing images like the ones that opens Ariel Nasr’s feature doc than the ones that follow. It starts like this. In Kabul’s

Van Doos in Afghanistan

Filming war: an interview with producer Jacques Turgeon


*This post is a translation. Read the original French post here. In March an NFB team travelled to Afghanistan to document daily life as experienced by soldiers of the 22e Regiment, the Van Doos, serving in the heat of the conflict. Using footage from this visit, we developed The Van Doos in Afghanistan, a 45-minute

Soldier Brother

Soldier Brother creator Kaitlin Jones on siblings and war


I have only one sibling, a younger brother named Paul. I can’t imagine life without him. From our earliest childhood (I remember climbing into his crib at 4 – he would’ve been 2 and a half – and rocking out to invented songs involving rhythmic jumping and wild imaginary-banjo solos), to this day, Paul has


World Premiere of The Van Doos in Afghanistan on


This post is a translation from French. You can see the original post here. *** Edited on November 11, 2011: Due to overwhelming demand, especially on, we have decided to leave the film The Van Doos in Afghanistan online, for free, until Monday morning, November 14. As of Monday morning, it will be available


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