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Justice is served: 11 animal pics, 0 cats


Had enough of pictures of cats online? Check out these magnificent, adorable, and rascally wild creatures from the NFB archives—none of whom are cats!


A visit with our furry friends: watch 5 animal docs


Join our friends in the animal kingdom for a tour through their habitats, activities, and personalities. You won’t look at raccoons the same way again!

2012 Staff Picks

A Little Holiday Entertainment: Introducing the 2012 NFB Staff Picks


Another year has come and gone, bringing a fresh new load of films and interactive works. It was an especially productive year. 2012 saw the release of Stories We Tell, Last Chance, Bydlo, Kali The Little Vampire, Edmund Was A Donkey, Bear 71 and many more great stories. On, meanwhile, newly digitized films were more »


Hothouse 7: Animating animals… Am I crazy?


The following is a guest post by Aimée van Drimmelen as part of the Hothouse Program. *** All week and all weekend has and will be spent working with the tireless Jelena Popovic, editing and tweaking our animations in preparation for Picture Lock. For those not in the know (like me, not too long ago), more »