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Theatrical shorts at the NFB: Cornet at Night


Once upon a time in movie theatres across North America, a short film (or two) would precede the main feature. Sadly, this practice has gone the way of the dinosaur. The screening of shorts in Canadian theatres existed as late as the 1970s. We can still occasionally see a cartoon short before the feature but more »


Heat-sensitive: a behind-the-scenes look at our thermal 3D film ORA


This morning on the bus I found myself reading an argument by a Hindu scholar, somewhere online, about how some people are poets and others scientists. According to this man, it is strictly impossible for one person to be both. He argued that even those who appear to be both (poetic scientists or scientific poets) more »


John Law and the Mississippi Bubble: The Madness of Crowds


When most people think about Richard Condie’s films, his classic Oscar-nominated short The Big Snit (1985) immediately springs to mind. While I agree that it is brilliant, I prefer his earlier film John Law and the Mississippi Bubble, released in 1979. I love the way it combines Condie’s zany animation with an incredible history lesson. more »


Hothouse 7: Evolution of a Shot


The following is a guest post by Tabitha Fisher. Now that my film has been Picture Locked I thought I’d take this moment to explain the process of shaping a scene as experienced through NFB’s Hothouse. There is so much value in working rough, and as I discovered, it leads to better ideas. There’s no more »


Hothouse 7: Rabbits Fuel Animators


The following is a guest post by Tabitha Fisher. Here’s some rough animation from the fantasy sequence in my film, Missed Connection. It was done basically straight-ahead  with a few key poses that I wanted to hit to the beat of the music. For a while I had this section blocked out as a pose more »


Hothouse 7: Photoshop vs Hand Drawn


The following is a guest post by Tabitha Fisher. I’ve been working a lot in Flash over these past few weeks, but I thought you might be curious to know what my film is actually going to look like! In the early stages of production I did a bunch of fiddling with Photoshop brushes to more »


Hothouse 7: Rough Animation


The following is a guest post by Tabitha Fisher. At this point in production I’m juggling several things at once. I’ve started to roughly animate my locked scenes in Flash while I also continue to work on editing the Leica! This isn’t typical for a regular animation pipeline, but in Hothouse we need to be more »


Hothouse 7: Be a Better Man


The following is a guest post by Tabitha Fisher. As part of story development I have become engrossed in the study of all things Manish and in doing so have discovered the strange and enlightening world of “Manly Mags”. Do you install kitchen shelving like an urban pansy? Wanna dress super-sharp like Paul Newman? Find more »

Cordell Barker on animating the documentary Cat Crazed


Cordell Barker (Runaway, The Cat Came Back) recently did some animation for a new documentary by Bountiful Films entitled Cat Crazed. After posting the trailer for the film on our Facebook page, a fan asked about how he did the animation. Here’s what Cordell had to say: *** Cat Crazed was a great opportunity for more »

Behind the scenes: Hothouse 6


Behind the scenes par ONFB , Office national du film du Canada A while back I published a series of interviews with this year’s 6 Hothouse participants. As much as I believe in the power of words to evoke, I was a little dismayed we couldn’t show you the films they made during the program. more »

Pixar holds masterclass in Vancouver, Sept. 24 – 25, 2010

On September 24 & 25, vanarts will be presenting a Masterclass in Animation and Story Development, led by story artist Matthew Luhn and animator Andrew Gordon, both from Pixar Animation Studios. How cool is this? This class has toured the world, and the Vancouver stop is 1 of only 2 North American stops in 2010. more »

How to create sound for a 1-minute animated short

The following is a guest post from Fred Casia. The sound composition for my Hothouse 6 film, Marvin Parson’s Inner Wild Wilderness, has always been a huge component, but in my mind it was never one specific aesthetic or approach. My inspirations were definitive, but flexible in its application which I felt was important to more »