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Voice of the Fugitive

The power of stories: explore the new fiction channel on


Looking for some drama, comedy, or adventure? Explore the NFB’s new fiction channel and experience the power of imaginative storytelling.


Black History Month: Watch 13 films that inspire, challenge, inform, and entertain


Delve into the NFB’s rich collection of shorts, animations, and feature docs on the history of black communities and cultures across Canada and abroad.

Missed Connection

Heartwarmers: 9 Films about Romance


Join us for a plunge into romance as we explore the most romantic NFB films in our collection.

Crossroads, by Don Haldane

What’s Black and White and Shocking All Over?


Either you’re cutting edge or you’re not. A full 10 years (ten years!) before Hollywood deigned to tackle the hot-button issue of interracial marriage with Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, casting the ever-suave Sydney Poitier as potential son-in-law to Katharine Hepburn, the National Film Board of Canada produced Crossroads, a half-hour long fiction film about more »