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Discordia - documentary

The secret to success: what are documentary critics and festival curators looking for?


What stands out in a saturated market? Find out what today’s documentary critics and curators are looking for in a successful documentary feature.

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TIFF 2014: Michael Moore’s 13-Point Manifesto for Documentary Filmmaking


One of the world’s most successful theatrical doc filmmakers shares his emphatic, controversial, and hilarious tips for making documentaries work. All creators in the documentary industry need to see this!

Magnus Isaacson

Remembering Dedicated Documentary Filmmaker Magnus Isacsson


Long-time NFB friend and Quebec documentary film champion Magnus Isacsson has died. An accomplished filmmaker and tireless advocate of social justice, Magnus dedicated himself to exploring vital social and political issues through documentary films, working both independently and with the NFB. He was also a university educator and a pioneer in community media, teaching audiovisual more »


Richard Leacock, pioneer of documentary film, dies at 89


89-year-old documentary filmmaker Richard Leacock died this past Wednesday at his home in Paris. Born in London, Leacock wrote, directed, filmed and edited a 10-minute film called Canary Island Bananas (he was raised on his father’s banana plantation in the Canary Islands). From there, he forged a career in documentary filmmaking. He moved to the more »

Everything you need to know about using copyrighted material in your documentary film


[Invalid Link] The Documentary Organization of Canada (DOC) released a set of guidelines last week that help filmmakers make sense of how to use copyrighted materials in their films. The Guidelines draw on existing fair dealing provisions set out in the Copyright Act. As it turns out, filmmakers have been spending an unnecessary amount more »

DOXA Connexions: Helping youth break into the world of documentary


DOXA Film Festival, together with the National Film Board of Canada present the 5th annual Connexions Youth Forum, an educational program designed to foster documentary filmmaking and storytelling skills in youth between the ages of 19 and 26 who face barriers in attaining their career goals. Connexions immerses 6 promising young participants in the world more »