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Seven Digital Deadly Sins: a new interactive web doc about online ethics


Today’s digital world brings with it a whole new set of moral dilemmas. Which ones are most common—and which ones are you guilty of? Explore digital sin confessions in this new interactive web doc.


Wondering why you haven’t seen us on Facebook lately?


When we launched in early 2009, our main objective was to make our films as accessible as possible. In addition to having them available in schools, libraries, festivals, at our two theatres, etc., we also wanted to bring those films directly to you. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google + make that even more »

Tagged: How privacy became a commodity


Tagged: Privacy as a commodity by Shawney Cohen & by Mike Gallay, National Film Board of Canada This year, we released a film called Tagged, a short documentary about a hipster who implanted himself with an RFID chip. The film appealed to me on a few different levels – the geek factor, the ick factor more »


New NFB Facebook page


We’ve completely overhauled our Facebook Fan page. Click here to check it out. Here’s what’s new: Brand New FILMS Page This page has all the same features as – you can watch and comment on the latest new films while you’re still in Facebook. The page also allows easier sharing within your Facebook newsfeed, more »

How we use Social Media


Why does the NFB use social media? We just want people to know about our films. What is our Social Media strategy? Not so much of a “strategy”, really… We just talk about films through 4 channels: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and blogs. Of course we talk about our films – but we also talk about more »