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Keep Your Mouth Shut

Keep Your Mouth Shut: McLaren’s 1944 “Stop Snitching” Film


If remembering the past is essential to understanding the present, remembering the NFB’s past is essential and occasionally totally hilarious. Consider for example Keep Your Mouth Shut, a 1944 animated short by Norman McLaren. A surreal, macabre invitation to shush your mouth, the film is fascinating for a number of reasons: It is one of more »


Montreal: NFB Propaganda films from WWII presented tonight at the CCA


Did you know the NFB started off as a producer and distributor of wartime propaganda films? If you live in Montreal, there is an event in town this evening that seeks to shine a light on this important part of the Film Board’s past. Presented through the Canadian Center for Architecture’s Architecture in Uniform: Designing more »

Wings on her shoulder_blogue

Rare NFB war films to screen at the Canadian Center for Architecture


As many of you know, the National Film Board played a central role during World War II. Created in 1939, a few months before the hostilities began, the NFB fell headlong into the production and distribution of wartime films. Though its original mandate was to “educate Canadians and foster national unity”, propaganda and news production more »

Propaganda Cinema at the NFB – The World in Action


The story behind the World in Action theatrical series of propaganda films

The Founding of the NFB


Collections Expert Marc St-Pierre talks about how, and why, the NFB came into being.

Propaganda cinema at the NFB


Headline Hunters by ONFB , National Film Board of Canada Canada Carries On! Just six months after its creation, the National Film Board was faced with a major challenge. With the start of the Second World War, production would have to be altered. Not only would the NFB’s mandate be to show Canada to Canadians more »