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TIFF POP 03 | Experience VR and Immersive Media with 6 NFB Works


This summer, the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) is bringing virtual (VR) reality to the public with POP, a series of curated installations showcasing some of the best virtual storytelling in the world.


Seances: Guy Maddin Invokes Interactive Spirits


The imagined ghosts of silent movies are resurrected in Seances, a deliriously original interactive installation that gets its world premiere in the Storyscapes program at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival. The project emanates from the feverish imagination of Guy Maddin, the reigning surrealist of Canadian cinema, co-directing here with fellow Winnipeggers Evan and Galen Johnson. Working


Guy Maddin Discusses Montreal, Dreams and His New Seances Project


Winnipeg filmmaker Guy Maddin arrived in Montreal earlier this month to tackle an ambitious feat: the filming of 12 short films in 13 days. The shoot was part of Seances, Maddin’s new and tantalizingly mysterious project. The basic premise of Seances is that most silent filmmakers lost at least one of their films to a


Guy Maddin to Shoot 12 Films in 13 Days in Montreal


After the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris in 2012, Guy Maddin is now setting his sights on the Phi Centre to film and bring to life his Seances, an entirely novel experience that will culminate in the production of an interactive work (NFB) and a feature film coproduced by Phi Films, Buffalo Gal Pictures and


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