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NSFC – Not Safe For Classrooms

While the NFB is known for its documentaries, animation, and educational films, we’ve also got a treasure trove of subversive films in our collection.


Drawn from the Heart | 5 Animated Films about Love


While great love stories can be told in any form or genre, we’ve chosen to put together a selection of 5 animated films, each of which explores a different aspect of love in its own unique way.


The NFB Loves Genre Films

There are probably 1001 different ways to define “genre films”. Enjoy a list of 5 animated genre films from the NFB’s collection.

Jovana Jankovic and her favourite movies

Gotta go! Say goodbye to NFB blogger Jovana with a few of her favourite flicks


Want to know what your friendly neighbourhood NFB blogger Jovana recommends? Explore the best of the best in the NFB’s online collection of films.

Ryan (2004)

Let the games begin: the NFB at the Oscars


Glitz and glamour, sure—but the real stars of the Oscars are the films themselves, and we’ve got a history of Oscar-winning NFB productions to prove it!