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Travel Through History with 4 Great Films

We have a large archive of intriguing, informative and entertaining films all based around the subject of history. Enjoy 4 films that’ll satisfy any history buff.


Animation News: Sharp Shorts for a New Millennium


The idea that animation can serve as a vehicle for important public messages is embedded in the very foundations of the NFB animation tradition. Back in 1941, when John Grierson hired his first staff animator, a gifted New York-based Scottish artist by the name of Norman McLaren, his most pressing assignment for the wildly inventive


Impressions of China: NFB Restores McWilliams’ First Doc


It was 1972, the month of May, and an adventurous group of high school students and teachers from Hamilton, Ontario, boarded an Asia-bound plane and quietly made history. At a time when western perceptions of Maoist China were shaped by Cold War politics, they became the first to visit the country since the 1949 communist revolution.


Music of the NFB | Discover A Vintage Vinyl


In 1977, the NFB released an unusual item given its mandate and the nature of its activities: a vinyl record. Simply titled Musiques de l’O.N.F./Music of the N.F.B.: Volume 1, this double LP was produced in order to showcase the musical qualities of certain NFB productions.

McLaren, Norman

Norman McLaren’s 100th anniversary: celebrate with us!


This April 11th, the late acclaimed animation pioneer Norman McLaren celebrates his 100th anniversary. Join us for all the festivities!