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Photo Friday | Salmon Fishing on the Fraser in 1949

Travel back to 1949 for a picturesque fishing tour of the Fraser with these striking black-and-white photographs taken from the set of Red Runs the Fraser.


Photo Friday | High Tide in Newfoundland

Photo Friday! Discover a series of stunning black-and-white photographs documenting the fishing industry in Newfoundland in the mid-1950s.


Refreshingly Fishy | 4 Underwater Shorts to Beat the Heat

Animation that refreshes!

Herring hunt-header

Photo Friday | Gone (Herring) Fishing

Herring stocks on the B.C. coast are making a comeback after a catastrophic collapse in the 1980s, but the harvest remains controversial. B.C. First Nations, who have long been advocating for sustainable fishing practices, mobilized earlier this year to halt commercial herring roe fisheries in their traditional territory, citing their intention to “allow the healing that needs to


The Real Wet Bandit | Watch The Trout That Stole the Rainbow


I live my life according to two very simple rules. Number one: do not steal. Number two: snitches get stitches. In under 9 minutes, Eva Szasz’ beautifully illustrated The Trout That Stole the Rainbow manages to break both. Rule number one is pretty simple. You shouldn’t take what isn’t yours. Most people can follow that.

Land of the Long Day

Under the Midnight Sun: Watch 3 Films About Inuit Summer Life


The Canadian Arctic is not a place most of us know too well. What’s up there, really? We imagine vast white expanses, ice floes bobbing around, the odd snowmobile or polar bear. What rarely occurs to us, however, is that once a year, in the summer months, the Arctic gets summer. The ice melts, the


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