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A Newfoundland Cinema?


Newfoundland is a place with history, and lots of it. In the same way that Canada saw the need to produce its own cinema as a way of resisting assimilation by its neighbour to the south, Newfoundlanders felt compelled to tell their own big screen stories.

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Interactive Gets Fresh: Newfoundland’s Local Food Scene


Living on an isolated island in the North Atlantic tends to foster a degree of resourcefulness, and Newfoundlanders know a thing or two about food self-sufficiency. Long before there was talk of locavores and 100-mile diets the Quinlan sisters of Carbonear were picking berries in the open backcountry around Conception Bay and Skipper Clyde Boland

Children of Fogo Island

Canadian Band Hey Rosetta! Release Fogo Sessions


Discover and watch Fogo Sessions, Canadian band Hey Rosetta’s new performance video inspired by the NFB’s trailblazing Fogo Process films.


Fogo Island Adventure!


It was with much excitement and curiosity that fellow workshop facilitator Gilles Roy and I left Toronto and Montreal, respectively, embarking on a journey of two flights, one car trip and one ferry ride before finally arriving on Fogo Island, Newfoundland. We had been asked to teach animation and documentary workshops to three different high


Introducing media literacy to the children of Fogo Island


Fogo Island Workshops , National Film Board of Canada In June 2010, the NFB returned to Fogo Island to celebrate the opening of a new e-cinema and to establish an artist-in-residency program on the island. In addition, we also led some media literacy workshops for the island’s youth. This post was written by Ashley DeMartini,


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