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Dedo Interview Lighting

Hot Topics | Lighting Wizard Dedo Weigert Discusses Lighting for Documentary, Part 2


Recently, celebrated cinematographer and lighting system inventor Dedo Weigert dropped by the NFB’s Montreal headquarters for a day-long workshop on a topic dear to his heart: film lighting. During lunch, the lighting wizard took a few moments to answer our questions about such things as why lighting matters, and things to pay attention to when more »

Dedo Weigert Interview

Hot Topics | Lighting Wizard Dedo Weigert Discusses Lighting for Documentary, Part 1


Lighting system inventor Dedo Weigert discusses the role of lighting in filmmaking and the importance of developing a “good eye.”

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All Shatner All the Time: Paul McNeill on producing William Shatner Sings O Canada


Last Saturday, William Shatner (alongside 7 other notable Canadians) received a Lifetime Achievement Award from Canada’s Governor General. As it has for the past 4 years, the NFB commissioned a series of short film to commemorate the winners. Produced by Paul McNeill, the (vastly amusing) Shatner film was screened at the awards ceremony and is more »

Paul Cowan 2

A coffee shop chat with filmmaker Paul Cowan

Paul Cowan is a Canadian filmmaker who spent many years working at the NFB. He retired from the Film Board in 2009, after directing Paris 1919, a film adaptation of Margaret MacMillan’s Peacemakers: The Paris Peace Conference of 1919 and Its Attempt to End War. Cowan’s NFB career was prolific and celebrated. His film Going more »

Watch: Errol Morris talk about interviewing Robert McNamara


Former US Defense Secretary, Robert McNamara, died this morning at the age of 93. In these clips, Errol Morris talks about what it was like to interview McNamara for his Oscar-winning documentary, The Fog of War. [Invalid Link] [Invalid Link] Watch more clips about documentary filmmaking at Capturing Reality: The Art of Documentary.