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Teaching Canadian identity, nationhood, and media literacy with Shameless Propaganda


Discover the NFB’s WWII-era propaganda effort, and get ideas for teaching about Canadian identity and nationhood to secondary students.


Feature Docs Take Flight at NFB


Updated September 17, 2015 The Toronto International Film Festival, which kicked off on September 10, is celebrating its 40th birthday with a program that boasts one of the biggest documentary sections in the event’s history. Among the non-fiction titles getting world premieres is a much anticipated feature doc from Pacific & Yukon Studio, Ninth Floor,


Harry Mayerovitch | Meet the man behind the NFB’s most beautiful propaganda posters

Meet painter, architect, caricaturist, accordion player, poet, author and brilliant World War II NFB poster designer Harry Mayerovitch (1910-2004.)

Making Movie History: A Portrait in 61 Parts

Explore “Making Movie History: A Portrait in 61 Parts”, a new web doc series


Want to know more about how and why Canadian film culture came to be the way it is? Go straight to the source in our new interactive web doc! Interviews with poets, dreamers, and pioneers reveal the history of the NFB… and maybe even a bit about what movies mean to Canadians today.

NFB WWII posters

Delve into “Shameless Propaganda”: what does it mean to be Canadian?


Our new feature doc compiles some 500 wartime propaganda films (1939-1945) in an effort to understand what being Canadian meant then, and maybe even what it means now. This film is streaming for free online.

Nobody Waved Good-bye

The best of the best: must-watch NFB films from our online collection


Not sure what to watch? Get to know your friendly public film producer with the best films we’ve made over our 75-year history. No lemons here! Only the best of the best.


Balkan Powder Keg: Controversy, Censorship and the Missing Film


During World War 2 the National Film Board was actively involved in producing films that would provide a uniquely Canadian view of the war effort at home and on the fighting fronts. Two theatrical newsreel series were produced during this time: Canada Carries On, which focused on Canadian stories, and The World in Action, which


Churchill’s Island: The National Film Board’s First Oscar Winner


On February 26, 1942, National Film Board of Canada Commissioner John Grierson accepted the Academy Award for documentary short for the film Churchill’s Island. Originally produced for a Canadian audience as part of the Canada Carries On series of newsreels, the film would make a huge splash in the USA and help launch a new


Propaganda Cinema at the NFB – The World in Action


The story behind the World in Action theatrical series of propaganda films


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