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Rent 3 Hard-Hitting Docs on Mental Illness and Violent Crime


Rent Life With Murder, NCR: Non Criminally Responsible and Out of Mind, Out of Sight, a trilogy of John Kastner docs about mental illness and violent crime.


“The Misery of Others”: The Ethics of Filming People on the Edge


* This is a guest post by Oisin Curran, web writer for the web doc Here At Home. More on this topic on the Here At Home blog. In a recent post we talked about the ethical questions raised by the At Home study. It seems only fair that we now turn the lens on


Here At Home: An Interactive Window into a Radical Canadian Experiment


Most of us living in cities routinely cross paths with the homeless. Faced with their hardship, we can’t help but wonder: Who are these people? How did they end up on the street? And more importantly, what would they need to get back on their feet? Enter Here At Home, our new web doc about


Racing Thoughts in theatres for Mental Illness Awareness Week


Racing Thoughts (Trailer) Louiselle Nol , National Film Board of Canada Louiselle Noël’s new film, Racing Thoughts is being screened in cities across Canada this week in conjunction with Mental Illness Awareness Week (October 3-9, 2010). In the film, Louiselle Noël focuses her camera on 4 young people suffering from mental illness and sets out