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4 Films That Destroy Stereotypes

We all come with our biases, but we learn the difference between what’s real and what’s not. Here are 4 NFB films that destroy stereotypes.


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Were you looking for something new to watch this holiday season? Look no further! Check out 23 newly added NFB films today!


Public Libraries: NFB Film Club Reveals Fall 2016 Programming


This fall, the NFB Film Club is offering filmgoers another season chock-full of recent releases that capture the remarkable diversity of the Canadian experience. The lineup of 6 programs—5 for general audiences and one for children—consists of both shorts and features, documentaries and animation. This rich selection of inspiring films will move and entertain audiences from


Things Arab Men Say


At a time when mass media often depicts Arab culture in reductive and negative terms, the Edmonton-based Egyptian-Canadian filmmaker Nisreen Baker has set out to fashion a more nuanced portrait of her own immediate immigrant community. Her short doc Things Arab Men Say, now in editing at the NFB’s North West Studio, is set at