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Oops, Son. You Slept With Your Mama and Killed Your Pa | Watch 3 Greek Myths Unfold on

Millennia later, Greek mythology continues to baffle, excite, and inspire us. Brush up on the ever-relevant myths of Oedipus, Icarus and Narcissus with these 3 modern interpretations of the old classics by NFB filmmakers.


Movement and music: explore the power of dance in 5 films


Dance your worries away with these 5 NFB films that explore the powerful connection between music and the human body in motion.


Heat-sensitive: a behind-the-scenes look at our thermal 3D film ORA


This morning on the bus I found myself reading an argument by a Hindu scholar, somewhere online, about how some people are poets and others scientists. According to this man, it is strictly impossible for one person to be both. He argued that even those who appear to be both (poetic scientists or scientific poets)


ORA: Innovative thermal 3D dance film to premiere at TIFF


The word is out: our brand-new dance film ORA will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) this fall. We are very excited. A terrific collision between dance and cinema, the film was directed by NFB Filmmaker-in-Residence Philippe Baylaucq with the collaboration of dancer and choreographer José Navas. The film marks the first collaboration


Friday Staff Pick: Pas de Deux


Pas de Deux wasn’t the first Norman McLaren film I ever saw. Nor was it the film that tipped me into becoming an animation filmmaker. But when I finally did see it? What animation could be – and  how my own fascinations would mesh into it – was flooded by the brilliant light of sudden


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