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Time Travel Tuesday: head back to the 1960s with 5 black-and-white gems


Ah, the romance of an era long gone. Take a tour through a sumptuous selection of stylish, seductive, and sonorous black-and-white films from the 1960s. It’ll almost feel like you were there…


Star Power: Celebrities in NFB Films, Part 1


Not to brag, or anything, but the NFB has a pretty serious track record in the working-with-huge-stars department. Over the years, many very well known actors, musicians, athletes and others have collaborated with us to make films for you to watch and enjoy. Sweet of them, no? Regrettably, many of these films aren’t online for more »

Leonard Cohen

4 Leonard Cohen Films on the Occasion of His 78th Birthday


Celebrate Leonard Cohen’s 78th birthday with these 4 Leonard Cohen films.


Irving Layton, Canadian Poet Extraordinaire


March 12, 2012, will mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of the great Canadian poet Irving Layton. To commemorate this occasion, we are adding Donald Winkler’s 1986 documentary Poet: Irving Layton Observed to the screening room. It focuses on Layton discussing his work and giving readings of his most famous poems. This film more »

Ladies and Gentlemen…Mr. Leonard Cohen, a tribute to a Canadian legend


Today we’re featuring a classic NFB documentary in the online Screening Room, Ladies and Gentlemen…Mr. Leonard Cohen. We’ve timed the launch of this film to coincide with CBC Radio 2’s spotlight on Leonard Cohen, which continues through the end of May. Ladies and Gentlemen…Mr. Leonard Cohen offers a unique glimpse into the early years of more »