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Hyperlocal Competition: Picking A Winner


* This is a guest post from NFB Interactive producer Jennifer Moss. Well, we’ve done it. We’ve managed to create 5 interactive stories in 6 weeks, and we’re all still speaking to each other. It’s been a monumental task of creative and administrative cooperation at both the CBC and the NFB, and we’re nearing the

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Girls Learning Code at HIGHRISE


*This is a guest post by Kat Cizek, creator of HIGHRISE, a multi-year, multi-platform documentary about vertical living in the global suburbs. Find the original – and much more – on the HIGHRISE blog. — It’s the Next-Gen participatory media project at HIGHRISE: girls learning computer code. They’re building websites and telling their own stories.

The Hole Story

3 New NFB Webdocs to Discover


NFB/interactive – the National Film Board of Canada’s interactive productions arm – is not the type to rest on its laurels. Mere moments after winning 2 (two!) 2012 Webby Awards (for BLA BLA and God’s Lake Narrows), it launched 3 new projects for you to discover. Read more about these hot new projects on the


7 Webby Award nominations for NFB/interactive


What do a bear, a parable on human language, a Northern reserve, and a brother in the army have in common? Why, they’re the subjects of the 4 NFB/interactive projects nominated for 2012 Webby Awards, of course! The Webby Awards, which people sometimes refer to as the “Oscars of the Web”, are international awards presented

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Introducing, a new interactive doc about the objects that surround us


The following is a guest post by Anne-Marie Lavigne. The interactive documentary is now online! Co-produced with ARTE France, the project explores our relationship to the objects that surround us. With 100 short films by 30 directors, this collective work for Internet and iPhone aims to shake up our habitual ways of seeing by


Welcome to God’s Lake Narrows


This is a guest post by Gisèle Gordon, a multimedia artist, writer and programmer (Hot Docs, imagineNATIVE) based in Toronto.  In 1996 she co-founded the film production company Urban Nation with Cree artist and filmmaker Kent Monkman, Look at the map of Canada at the beginning of Kevin Lee Burton’s new interactive piece, God’s

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NFB wins Award for Excellence in Interactive Programming


Most people know us for our films, but the NFB is increasingly gaining attention for its interactive productions. At the Banff World Media Festival earlier this month, the NFB received the award for Excellence in Interactive Programming. The above picture features Loc Dao (our newly appointed Director, Digital Content and Strategy in English Program) accepting


Introducing BLA BLA, a new interactive tale by Vincent Morisset


Many of you were charmed by BLA BLA when it was released last week. This “film for computer” explores the principles of communication through six chapters in the life of an endearing character. I visited director Vincent Morisset in his studio yesterday afternoon to talk about how BLA BLA came to be, and about the


Welcome to Pine Point: An interview with The Goggles


Some towns thrive and some towns fall to ruin, but a town that gets flattened to the ground and erased from the map altogether? That’s both highly unusual and exactly what happened to Pine Point, a Northwest Territories town that is the subject of a neat interactive project about memory and belonging recently launched on


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