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Dedo Interview Lighting

Hot Topics | Lighting Wizard Dedo Weigert Discusses Lighting for Documentary, Part 2


Recently, celebrated cinematographer and lighting system inventor Dedo Weigert dropped by the NFB’s Montreal headquarters for a day-long workshop on a topic dear to his heart: film lighting. During lunch, the lighting wizard took a few moments to answer our questions about such things as why lighting matters, and things to pay attention to when more »

Dedo Weigert Interview

Hot Topics | Lighting Wizard Dedo Weigert Discusses Lighting for Documentary, Part 1


Lighting system inventor Dedo Weigert discusses the role of lighting in filmmaking and the importance of developing a “good eye.”


Making music for animation: A masterclass with Luigi Allemano


A while back, we shared with you a handful of quick tips for making music for your animation films. The tips had been carefully prepared by composer Luigi Allemano, who knows quite a lot about these things, seeing that (as his website informs us), his work has appeared in “Oscar-nominated animation films, television series, Juno-Award more »

Luigi Allemano tips post blog

5 (quick) tips for making music for animation


During Get Animated!, our yearly animation bonanza, composer extraordinaire Luigi Allemano gave a workshop called Making Music for Animation at the Mediathèque in Toronto. Luigi being Luigi (read awesome), he also whipped up a series of “web tips” for us to share on our social media platforms. Here they are. If you feel they are more »

5 Great Blogs by Filmmakers


  Objectified by Gary Hustwit Gary Hustwit (Helvetica) is great at creating interesting conversation during the lull of preproduction and production and then using the blog to generate awareness of festival screenings once the film is released theatrically. He’s really tapped into his community and knows how to keep them invested until his next project. more »

7 Blogging Tips for Filmmakers

Keep it Short 250 words is enough. It’s enough for you to write and it’s enough for us to read. Post Frequently Make up for your short posts by writing more often. Blog about everything related to production. Interesting connections, things you’ve learned, production tips, successes, failures. Stay focused One post for each idea. If more »