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Hothouse 10: Kathleen Weldon’s Rollercoaster


How an insistence on a complicated solution led animator Kathleen Weldon to a magical result with her Hothouse 10 rollercoaster.


Hothouse 10: Frances Mckenzie on Immersion


Immersed in poetry, art, NFB culture, and Hothouse 10, stop-motion animator Frances Adair Mckenzie thinks deeply.

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Hothouse 10: Fresh Air With Benjamín Mugica


Windows that don’t open are the bane of Hothouse 10 animator Benjamín Mugica.

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Hothouse 10: Neal Moignard on Pizza Delivery


Clever and inventive food advice is the key to animator Neal Moignard’s survival of Hothouse 10. Find out more from Neal himself!


Hothouse 10: Alexandra Lemay’s Creative Process


Stop-motion animator Alexandra Lemay dissects her Hothouse 10 creative process, and regrets that twelve weeks flew by so quickly.

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Hothouse 10: Esteban Azuela—It’s Not a Greenhouse


It’s not a greenhouse, but Mexican animator Esteban Azuela discovers Hothouse 10 is even better!


Hothouse 10: Alex Boya’s Acute Focus


Delight in animator Alex Boya’s focused stream-of-consciousness creative process in Hothouse 10.


Hothouse 10: Steph Braithwaite’s Wild Ride!


Animator Steph Braithwaite takes a wild ride in Hothouse 10, and lives to tell us about it! This post is part of the “I can see the finish line” posts by this year’s Hothouse gang.

Norman McLaren

Photo Friday | 20 Brilliant Pictures of Norman McLaren


Norman McLaren (11 April 1914 – 27 January 1987) was a genius, an artisan and a magician. In 1941, the young Scottish-born animator moved to Canada at the invitation of the NFB’s first commissioner, John Grierson, who wanted him to open an animation studio and to train Canadian animators. The rest is history. Here in more »