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Staff Picks 2014: discover a batch of hidden gems in our collection


Got lots of free time over the holidays and don’t know what to watch? Let our wise team members here at the NFB guide you with their favourite hidden gems.


Hidden Treasures from the Archives – A Letter from Roberto Rossellini


Read a hand written letter from Italian filmmaker Roberto Rossellini, found in the NFB archives. A truly valuable and exciting discovery!


On Track: NFB Train Films in Pictures


In celebration of all things locomotive, check out these archival photos and illustrations taken from some of the NFB’s essential train films. You can watch many of these films for free online at

Canada Remembers

Witnessing War: 10 Photos of Canadians Involved in WW2


The 20th century was rocked and shaped by conflict. From Korea, Sudan, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Lebanon and the former Yougoslavia (among others) to the first and second World Wars, the NFB has witnessed and assiduously documented war and its many aftermaths since its foundation, in 1939. As we remember our veterans this week, check out a more »

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NFB Images – A Trove of Treasures Old and New

This post is a translation. To read the French original, click here. Did you know that you can watch, edit, share and download high-quality (HD) archives directly from free of charge? Today I’d like to tell you about the “Web destination for stock footage professionals,” which is largely unknown to the general public. Like more »

Montréal Remix

Montreal Remix: a film contest for Montreal lovers


Okay so this is cool. After Paris Remix (2008) and Berlin Remix (2009), INA (Institut national de l’audiovisuel) and the NFB, in collaboration with Dailymotion, introduce Montreal Remix, a contest for film-savvy Montreal lovers. This is how it works. The Montreal part is you get to watch and download (for free) up to 48 archival more »

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Rare NFB war films to screen at the Canadian Center for Architecture


As many of you know, the National Film Board played a central role during World War II. Created in 1939, a few months before the hostilities began, the NFB fell headlong into the production and distribution of wartime films. Though its original mandate was to “educate Canadians and foster national unity”, propaganda and news production more »