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Hispaniola Mon Amour


With Hispaniola, a feature doc currently in production, filmmaker Michèle Stephenson returns to the land of her birth to document the fallout of a 2013 ruling by the Dominican courts that retroactively strips citizenship rights from any Haitian-Dominican born after 1929.


Let Us Be Your Netflix Film Recommend

Now that you’ve burned through your Netflix queue, you might be itching for some more film recommendations. We’ve got you covered!


Experimental Instagram Doc Profiles Indigenous Activism


The face of contemporary Indigenous community activism, fuelled by new resolve and focus, is being profiled in an innovative experiment in social media storytelling from the NFB North West Studio.


Meet the Millenials: 7 Films that Capture a Generation

*This post is a translation. Read the original here. Well, I cried. Watching these touching documentaries on millennials, or more generally on children and teens during crucial stages in their personal growth, I was blown away by their candour, intelligence, situation and social circle. So, I am suggesting a few documentaries to help you get

Exploring mental health

Exploring Mental Health in the Classroom


The NFB’s educational playlist of films on mental health can facilitate discussion with students and enhance your own professional and personal development. Discover our mental health resources.


Gun Runners | Meet the Warriors Running For Their Lives


When it comes to world-class marathon runners, Kenyans are considered the cream of the crop. But some of Kenya’s top runners aren’t running for fame and fortune. Some are wanted warriors, running for their lives.


Impressions of China: NFB Restores McWilliams’ First Doc


It was 1972, the month of May, and an adventurous group of high school students and teachers from Hamilton, Ontario, boarded an Asia-bound plane and quietly made history. At a time when western perceptions of Maoist China were shaped by Cold War politics, they became the first to visit the country since the 1949 communist revolution.


Atlantic Film Festival 2016 | 17 NFB Productions Featured

A quick look at the complete selection of NFB titles at this year’s Atlantic Film Festival, including screening times and venues.


NFB Shines at Canada’s Fall Festivals


Autumn is film festival season in Canada and the NFB English Program is embarking on the busy fall circuit with over a dozen new releases.


The New Alchemists: Growing Food Without Fuel or Toxins

Is living green the prerogative of the rich? Meet a cool crew of visionary scientists who proved it wasn’t with The New Alchemists, an enchanting short summer film by Dorothy Todd-Hénault.


NFB XP | Back from the Future


*  This post is a translation. Read the original French post here. A look back at the NFB XP round table at the Phi Centre Phi during the MUTEK festival: this panel served as a follow-up to a creation and dialogue workshop on the major themes surrounding virtual reality and augmented reality. With the aim


Mark World Refugee Day with 19 Days

Mark World Refugee Day with this short doc that follows refugee families through their 19-day welcoming process at a resettlement centre in Calgary.


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