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No Time Machine Required

No time machine required! Watch four prehistoric adventures about dinosaurs, caves and mammoths, fossilized on film for your viewing pleasure!


Watch the First Films of 5 Acclaimed Animators


It’s no secret we work with a lot of talented animators. From educational films for toddlers to family animation to more mature works, we’ve got it all.


Free Animation! | 3 Short Films for Dinosaur Lovers

Love dinosaurs? Get your fix with these 3 animated shorts about everyone’s favourite very huge, very extinct cold-blooded creatures. Enjoy!

Jovana Jankovic and her favourite movies

Gotta go! Say goodbye to NFB blogger Jovana with a few of her favourite flicks


Want to know what your friendly neighbourhood NFB blogger Jovana recommends? Explore the best of the best in the NFB’s online collection of films.

Flamenco at 5:15

The NFB Film Club is Back for Spring 2014


Get thee to a library! Discover this season’s selection of free public library film screenings in the NFB Film Club.