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Friday Staff Pick | Go Behind The Music with Lonely Boy

Anyone who’s studied film will probably agree when I say: in every class, no matter what the topic, there’s always one film that sticks with you and that makes you fall in love with a genre or a director. Up to that point, I had fallen for a lot of different fiction titles but I never really cared for documentaries. However, this all changed when I fell for a NFB doc about a singing Canuck heartthrob.


Music Has the Right to Children


“Film is the medium to express my feelings about music.” – Norman McLaren Our sense of hearing is essential to our everyday lives, yet the rich world of sound that surrounds us is often ignored. We are immersed in a steady stream of audio information that frequently goes unnoticed. For educators taking a multimedia approach to teaching,

Rae Spoon

Sneak a Peek at Rae Spoon’s My Prairie Home


We’re releasing a documentary-musical about transgender musician and author Rae Spoon this fall and we have a wee excerpt to share with you. The film, titled My Prairie Home, is a portrait of Rae Spoon’s queer and musical coming of age, set under the Canadian Prairie’s famously big sky. The clip (below) is both an actual

Mr Merglers Gift

Watch 4 Films About Kids and Music


Everyone knows music is good for kids. Music helps children develop language skills, listening skills and even math skills. Music promotes children’s self-esteem, helps stimulate brain connections and relieves stress. Music also encourages creativity in children, and teaches them the virtues of hard work and discipline. All that goodness considered, it seems impossible that films


How to Build an Igloo(fest)


How to Build an Igloo by Douglas Wilkinson, National Film Board of Canada In Canada, we get winter. This means two things. It means a) we get it in the sense that it happens here. It also means b) we get it as in we understand winter. (Like Kanye West said, “get it, get it?”)


How to create sound for a 1-minute animated short

The following is a guest post from Fred Casia. The sound composition for my Hothouse 6 film, Marvin Parson’s Inner Wild Wilderness, has always been a huge component, but in my mind it was never one specific aesthetic or approach. My inspirations were definitive, but flexible in its application which I felt was important to


An inside look at A Drummer’s Dream, premiering at Hot Docs


A Drummer's Dream (Trailer) by John Walker, National Film Board of Canada Director John Walker’s latest documentary A Drummer’s Dream has its world premiere at this year’s Hot Docs Festival (April 29 – May 9). It’s an incredible film with lots of energy and 7 of the world’s greatest drummers. Here’s what John had to