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Feline Good (or 4 Purrfect Films for Cat Lovers)

Who doesn’t love a cat? So, curl up and get ready to peruse these four films featuring everyone’s favourite feline friends.


Woof Woof Bark (or 4 Films About Dogs)

Mark National Puppy Day with 4 films about the relationship between human beings and dogs, our four-legged life-partners.


Get Animated! 2015: Behind the Scenes With the People Making Future NFB Favourites

As we speak, NFB animators from coast to coast are hard at work creating films for you to enjoy in the near future. Amongst many exciting project currently gurgling in the pipelines, we’ve got: an incredibly savvy animator couple printing bones with a 3D printer (Bone Mother) Cordell Barker taking a break from drawing to offer a stop-motion


Download Classic Hockey Films For $0.99 Each!


It’s hockey season! Lace up your skates, grab your stick, and download 5 hockey films for only $0.99 each!


My Heart Attack: The Beat Goes On


It was a case of the World Wide Web unearthing treasure on the doorstep. It was late, after midnight, and Sheldon Cohen was online conducting an increasingly urgent search. Everything was in place to start the sound mix on his new animated short My Heart Attack, but he was still looking for a theme song. Suddenly, thanks


The Sweater Gets Symphonic Treatment in Toronto


Roch Carrier’s The Hockey Sweater, a story about a young Montreal hockey fan who is mistakenly sent the wrong jersey and forced by his mom to wear it, is being interpreted by the Toronto Symphonic Orchestra (TSO) for the very first time this May. The classic tale, which many view as a parable about French-English


Own a piece of The Sweater


Animator/Illustrator Sheldon Cohen has decided to sell off 72 pieces of original artwork from his classic film, The Sweater. This is a great opportunity for hockey fans, animation aficionados and art collectors in general. The prints range from $150 to $500. For more information, and to see all the works available for sale, visit Sheldon