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Free Animation! | Celebrate World Health Day With 5 Tonic Shorts


Despite the fact it is (or should be) everyone’s highest, most prized possession, health remains a bit of a mystery. What is health, exactly? Harmony between all of the body’s parts? The absence of disease? It is somewhat unclear. All we know for sure is what it feels like when we have it, and what it feels like


Free Animation! | Welcome Spring with 3 Refreshing Ryan Larkin Shorts


Mesmerizing and verging on the psychedelic, Ryan Larkin’s early shorts are always a breath of fresh air. A visual artist first, Larkin attended the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts’ Art School, where he studied under Group of Seven painter Arthur Lismer (our short film about Lismer here) before joining the Film Board in the early

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Watch 4 Winter Films for Kids on


Melt away your winter blahs with these 4 heart-warming winter films for kids.


How to Use the New McLaren’s Workshop App in Your Classroom


Interactive apps are an amazing addition to the classroom, as they offer students a unique way to learn new media skills and develop their creative abilities. Teaching animation is a great way to combine many curriculum links in one activity, and this is especially the case with our new, highly creative app: McLaren’s Workshop. The


Make a Norman McLaren of Yourself with Our New iPad App

Yesterday, we launched McLaren’s Workshop, a nifty free iPad app aimed at making the world a bit less unfair. Because let’s be honest: life is terribly unfair. Most of us live lives of acceptable averageness, with some excellence thrown in (unsurpassed skill at assembling Ikea furniture, for instance, or best chili in town, or hula


Canadian Screen Awards | Watch 2 Nominated Animation Films for Free


This weekend only | Watch Paula and Bydlo – 2 films nominated for a Canadian Screen Award – for free online.

Edmond Was a Donkey

Enjoy Free Animation Films and Workshops Across Canada Starting October 26th


The NFB is launching the 6th edition of Get Animated!, bringing many of the country’s finest and funniest animated films to communities across Canada in celebration of International Animation Day (October 28.) Taking place this year from October 26 to November 10, Get Animated! will bring the magic of animation to over 30 centres, in

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12 sites to watch films online for free


As much as we all nostalgically long for the days we patronized local video stores and supported independent neighbourhood theaters, one of the really cool thing about the age of the internet has to be watching films online, without having to leave the house or shelling a penny. Because we, at the NFB, feel confident


Nina Paley: A ‘Free’ Distribution Case Study

People talk a lot about the economics of giving content away for “free”, but only a few put that into action. And fewer still share their experiences with everyone so we can learn from them. Here Nina Paley gives a methodical breakdown of where she made money (and where she didn’t) after she put her


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