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Photo Friday | Filming with Montreal’s Urban Poor in the 1960s

The NFB was always cutting-edge. Between 1967 and 1980, its activist documentary program Challenge for Change produced almost 250 films and videos to confront a wide spectrum of issues, from poverty to sexism to marginalization. Coming into and working with low-income communities, the program used video recordings and closed circuit television to stimulate social debate and action. Among the


Celebrate the Year of the Monkey With 20 Gorgeous Images from 1973 China

Happy New Year! A lucky and prosperous year to all. A bit of context before you feast your eyes. In the summer of 1973, a small NFB crew was granted permission to enter Maoist China to film. The occasion was a ping-pong tournament involving young Canadians. Our film Ping-Pong (French only) is the result of this Chinese


Photo Friday | Check out Quebec City’s Winter Carnival in the 50s and 70s

It’s winter carnival season! Check out highlights from two past editions of the Quebec Winter Carnival with this bracing selection of vintage photographs from Canada’s oldest and largest winter festivals.

Norman McLaren

Photo Friday | 20 Brilliant Pictures of Norman McLaren


Norman McLaren (11 April 1914 – 27 January 1987) was a genius, an artisan and a magician. In 1941, the young Scottish-born animator moved to Canada at the invitation of the NFB’s first commissioner, John Grierson, who wanted him to open an animation studio and to train Canadian animators. The rest is history. Here in

Canada Remembers

Witnessing War: 10 Photos of Canadians Involved in WW2


The 20th century was rocked and shaped by conflict. From Korea, Sudan, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Lebanon and the former Yougoslavia (among others) to the first and second World Wars, the NFB has witnessed and assiduously documented war and its many aftermaths since its foundation, in 1939. As we remember our veterans this week, check out a


New online: Highrise relaunches to include your participation


The following is a guest post from Katerina Cizek, director of Highrise On the heels of an Emmy nomination, the NFB’s HIGHRISE project is proud to present a gentle reboot of our website. HIGHRISE explores “the towers in the world, and the world in the towers”; the human experience in vertical peripheries around the globe. 


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