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Photo Friday | Wilderness Survival in Fort Nelson, BC

Enjoy these few photos that show R.C.A.F. airmen being taught how to stay alive in the event of a wilderness crash in Fort Nelson, BC, in 1953.


Photo Friday | The Days Before Christmas

Take a quick break from your holiday preparations with these magical pictures from The Days Before Christmas (1958). Directed by 3 NFB heavyweights (Stanley Jackson, Wolf Koenig and Terence Macartney-Filgate), the film is a sweeping overview of the city of Montreal during the few days leading up to Christmas, in the year 1958. oe The film,


Photo Friday | Diggers of the Deep

Around the world, many miners celebrate December 4 as Miners Day and commemorate their patron saint, St. Barbara, requesting her continuing protection for their daily work


Photo Friday | Eskimo Children on Baffin Island (1957)

Celebrate Universal Children’s Day with these stunning photos from Eskimo Children on Baffin Island, by Doug Wilkinson (How to Build an Igloo).


Photo Friday | Inside the Blood Indians’ Sun Dance

Directed by the one and only Colin Low in 1960, Circle of the Sun is a rare invitation to a gathering of the Blood Indians of Alberta. The doc features a very young (and very dapper) Pete Standing Alone, then an outsider to his own culture – a man vastly more interested in rodeos than


Photo Friday | High Tide in Newfoundland

Photo Friday! Discover a series of stunning black-and-white photographs documenting the fishing industry in Newfoundland in the mid-1950s.


Photo Friday | First Day of School, Montreal, 1962

Take a stroll around a Montreal working-class neighbourhood on the first day of class with these photos from September Five at Saint-Henri (1962.)


Photo Friday | Inside Ontario’s Tobacco Harvest in the Late Fifties

The Back-breaking Leaf // Celebrate World Photo Day with this stunning series of black-and-white photos documenting the tobacco harvest in Ontario in the late fifties.


Photo Friday | Fergie Jenkins and the Chicago Cubs

Arguably the finest Canadian-born baseball player ever, Jenkins began his major-league career in Philadelphia before joining the Chicago Cubs in 1966, where King of the Hill catches up with him a few years later.


Photo Friday | Farm Electrification: And Then There Was Light

Most of us take most things for granted. Take for example clean running water, or electricity. Who ever thinks twice about being able to enjoy these luxuries?


Photo Friday | Summertime from Coast to Coast

Peep the stunning pictures below and check out some of our summer films available on


Photo Friday | All Eyes on the Prairies

The Canadian Prairies are just stunning, and it’s no wonder the NFB has enjoyed trailing its cameras over its grassy lands decade after decade. Check out some of the finest Prairie pictures in our archives with these photographs taken from films old and new. Western Wheat, 1952. Prairie Profile, 1955. Western Wheat, 1952. Western Wheat, 1952. Canadian Wheat,


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