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Intimidation-Odile Desaulniers

From Bullying to Drawing: A Story with a Happy Ending


Is it possible to stop bullying with drawing? Having witnessed and been the victim of bullying, Odile Désaulniers decided to take a unique and original approach using stop motion animation, and her message has had an unexpected reaction. Her video condemning bullying in schools was posted on YouTube on January 16, 2013. By January 23rd, more »

Cordell Barker

How I Spent My Summer… Working


I always seem to be working long hours during the summer months while everyone else seems to be living a life and embracing the heat. At least, that’s how I read it. It must be an immutable law of self-employment. This summer, I’m working on animation as usual, but this time on a very different more »

animate everything copy

5 Films to Help You Make Art This Summer


NFB Education can help your kids make art this summer! We’ve compiled a list of 5 fun and creative films to inspire your summer art projects

The Owl and the Raven

Sealskin Stop Motion: Co Hoedeman’s Inuit Legends


Discover Oscar-winning animator Co Hoedeman’s pair of short stop motion films illustrating Inuit legends with sealskin puppets.


NFB Education Takes the Show on the Road: A Visit to the Northwest Territories


Written by NFB Education Team Leader Claudia Sicondolfo and NFB Education Specialist Lolo Desrosiers-Guité In August 2012, NFB Education was invited to the Northwest Territories to give workshops and presentations to educators and youth. As members of the newly formed education team, we were eager to take our show on the road and embark on more »

Chalkboard 2D design

Some Thoughts on Frog Electrocution, Plagiarism and the Pain of Being Judged

First off, I want to apologize to the last person left standing who might visit this blog to see if I’ve finally posted anything new. Well, you may or may not be in luck. Read on! I have to get something off my skinny chest. I remember back early in production on my previous film more »


More NFB Apps


Last week, we talked about our free film apps. These – in case your were sleeping on the switch – are apps you can and obviously should install on your phone or tablet to watch NFB films all over the place, any old time you like. This week, 3 more NFB apps are clamouring for more »

NFB Pixstop

Watch 6 Stop-Motion Films Made Using the NFB PixStop App


Stop-motion is a technique animators use to make objects appear to move on their own. This is how it works: You select an object – chair, paper bear, clay figurine, whatever – and take a picture. You move your object just so, a tiny fraction of the greater-scheme movement you have in mind. Remember: the more »


If I was god: A Chronicle of Anticipated Pain


I’m well into the beginning pre-production of my new film, tentatively titled If I was god… and decided that it might be nice to publicly note the various stages of the inevitable self-doubt I experience as I carve my way towards the end. It might be interesting (if just for me) to diarize my evolving more »


Want to create stop-motion films? We made an app for that!


There’s just no stopping the NFB’s web developers. Hot on the heels of the NFB Films iPhone, iPad, Android and PlayBook mobile apps, our devoted developers has come up with PixStop, a fresh new app that enables you to make stop-motion films on your iPad 2. Designed to capture as many as 10,000 images, Pixstop more »


Hothouse 7: Lights, Camera, Action!


The following is a guest post by Paula Gillgannon. All the pieces I have been working on over the past few weeks have finally come together. Not without a fair number of mistakes and do-overs mind you, but that is all part of the process. Now, it appears I am ready to start shooting. Here more »

Sneak Peek: The creation of a 3D animated short film


The following is a guest post by Megan Turnbull, as part of the Hothouse 6 program. *** Here we are, already two-thirds done the Hothouse 6 animation apprenticeship. I wish I had had more time to tell you all about it, but the process is quite intensive. One month left and still a million ends more »