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Photo Friday | Eskimo Children on Baffin Island (1957)

Celebrate Universal Children’s Day with these stunning photos from Eskimo Children on Baffin Island, by Doug Wilkinson (How to Build an Igloo).


Photo Friday | Inside the Blood Indians’ Sun Dance

Directed by the one and only Colin Low in 1960, Circle of the Sun is a rare invitation to a gathering of the Blood Indians of Alberta. The doc features a very young (and very dapper) Pete Standing Alone, then an outsider to his own culture – a man vastly more interested in rodeos than


Photo Friday | High Tide in Newfoundland

Photo Friday! Discover a series of stunning black-and-white photographs documenting the fishing industry in Newfoundland in the mid-1950s.


Photo Friday | First Day of School, Montreal, 1962

Take a stroll around a Montreal working-class neighbourhood on the first day of class with these photos from September Five at Saint-Henri (1962.)


Photo Friday | Farm Electrification: And Then There Was Light

Most of us take most things for granted. Take for example clean running water, or electricity. Who ever thinks twice about being able to enjoy these luxuries?


Photo Friday | Summertime from Coast to Coast

Peep the stunning pictures below and check out some of our summer films available on

Herring hunt-header

Photo Friday | Gone (Herring) Fishing

Herring stocks on the B.C. coast are making a comeback after a catastrophic collapse in the 1980s, but the harvest remains controversial. B.C. First Nations, who have long been advocating for sustainable fishing practices, mobilized earlier this year to halt commercial herring roe fisheries in their traditional territory, citing their intention to “allow the healing that needs to


Photo Friday | Wolves-O-Rama


Fairy tales wolves get a bad rap. They’re always up to no good, terrorizing helpless pigs or chowing down grandmothers. But how savage are wolves in reality? According to filmmaker Bill Mason, who spent a fair part of his career learning about, caring for and filming wolves, not very. On the contrary, wolves are disciplined hunters, respected leaders


Photo Friday | Young, Wild and Free: Hanging Out With Fogo’s Children

Fogo is an island that lies off the northeast coast of Newfoundland, in the Atlantic Ocean. Though only about 25 km long and 14 km wide, the island has always fascinated anyone brave and determined enough to set foot there… or blessed enough to have entered the world there. The NFB’s own Colin Low (1926-2016) was one


Moms on Film: Celebrate Mother’s Day the NFB Way


Happy Mother’s Day! This weekend, celebrate moms everywhere with this great photo selection of iconic mothers found in NFB films. (Films available for free viewing on are linked in green below each image.) * Angotee: Story of an Eskimo Boy, 1953. The Things I Cannot Change, 1967. Home Feeling: Struggle for a Community, 1983. River Journey, 1984. Famille


Photo Friday | Filming with Montreal’s Urban Poor in the 1960s

The NFB was always cutting-edge. Between 1967 and 1980, its activist documentary program Challenge for Change produced almost 250 films and videos to confront a wide spectrum of issues, from poverty to sexism to marginalization. Coming into and working with low-income communities, the program used video recordings and closed circuit television to stimulate social debate and action. Among the


Photo Friday | Meet the Indigenous Peoples of B.C.’s Skeena River in 10 Gorgeous Pics


After the Fraser, the Skeena is British Columbia’s second longest river. For the area’s first inhabitants, the Tsimshian and Gitxsan, whose names respectively mean “inside the Skeena River” and “people of the Skeena River,” the river is everything. Take a trip up river and back in time with these sweet images taken from the archives of Peoples of the


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