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Canada Day Challenge… Accepted!


Meet our dynamic contest winner! Many talented students participated in the Canada Day Challenge, and you can hear all about Sarah’s experience. Maybe you should enter next year, too. Spread the word!


Justice is served: 11 animal pics, 0 cats


Had enough of pictures of cats online? Check out these magnificent, adorable, and rascally wild creatures from the NFB archives—none of whom are cats!

Series 4

As Trippy As It Gets: Series 4


The absurd, it would appear, acts as a tonic for the mind. A recent study published in Psychological Science established that people who had read a particularly absurd and confusing version of Franz Kafka’s (already incongruous) short story “A Country Doctor” were better at discerning patterns in long strings of letters than people who’d read more »


REW-FFWD: Remembering Denis Villeneuve’s 1994 Jamaican Psychodrama


Watch REW-FFWD (1994), Oscar-nominated filmmaker Denis Villeneuve’s “psychodrama” about a photographer stranded in Trench Town (Jamaica).


Notman’s World: Depicting the Dawn of Canadian Photography


In an age when it has become easier (and faster) to take a picture than to brush your teeth, the dawn of photography — a time when obtaining a photographic image of yourself meant a) finding a photographer, b) hauling yourself (and your best dress/suit hat and gloves) to said photographer’s studio c) sitting very, more »


Postcard from Iqaluit, Nunavut


On Saturday afternoon, I went for a little stroll around Iqaluit. I love the North, I love walking, and I love taking photos. So you can imagine my delight at being all at once up North, walking and taking photos. One of the first things I saw, leaving the Frobisher Inn, was this awesome mural more »


Cinemagraphs or Good ol’ Graphics Interchange Format


This post was translated from French. Last week, this post by Belinda Lanks on was widely shared and re-shared on social networks. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, since the post brings together a set of superb GIFs based on memorable scenes from Stanley Kubrick’s films and animated by artist Gustaf Mantel. If you’ve more »

Wings on her shoulder_blogue

Rare NFB war films to screen at the Canadian Center for Architecture


As many of you know, the National Film Board played a central role during World War II. Created in 1939, a few months before the hostilities began, the NFB fell headlong into the production and distribution of wartime films. Though its original mandate was to “educate Canadians and foster national unity”, propaganda and news production more »